Wrexham Needs a Steady Hand

I am so confused! Could someone please explain to me why the WST get so much grief? They seem to me to be the only ones who are emerging from the ongoing WFC farce with any credit or dignity to me.

Okay, I suppose I’m being a little disingenuous. Some of the concerns fans voice about the trust make sense, even if I don’t agree with them. I understand some people’s anxiety at a perceived slowness on the trust’s part to act as it’s based on a fear for the club if someone doesn’t sort it’s future out quickly. However, it’s hard to see what else the trust can do. It can’t act as quickly as an individual investor or consortium could, as it has to canvass opinion from its membership and also has a responsibility to them to fully investigate all possible options rather than being able to act unilaterally.

Of course, their ability to move swiftly is also limited by their reliance on the incumbents at the club. They can’t carry out due diligence until they’re allowed access to the relevant information, and the timing of that simply isn’t in their hands.

The trust are damned if they do and they’re damned if they don’t. If they divulge that they are talking to an interested party they are criticised for doing so, or not showing such urgency to talk to others; if they don’t make a public statement they are attacked for inaction.

I think it’s fair to say that the trust board, made up, let’s not forget, of fans with their own lives to lead and jobs to maintain, are doing a sterling job of representing their members’ interests and trying to protect the club. Surely no one should be able to dispute that they’re doing all they can. Furthermore, they show the sort of professionalism, discretion and restrain you’d hope for in such a delicate situation. They don’t make inflammatory public statements, unsubstantiated claims or provocative gestures. And they’re the ones without a background in such matters.

I’m as anxious as anyone to see a favourable resolution to the current disgraceful mess the club is in. But I’m also trying to maintain perspective, and ensure I can see the wood for the trees. While dramas like the claims of a winding up order spring up at us regularly, it’s easy to be panicked into rash decisions which could prove costly in the long term. I’m glad the trust has a measured hand at the tiller as it tries to negotiate its way through the storm.

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