Trust The Trust

There’s not much point in writing this. By the time I’m half way through another fifteen consortia will no doubt have been announced as being in control of the day-to-day running the club, having preferred bidder status, or being about to lower the price of Yorkies in the snack bars.
It’d be a joke if it wasn’t so crushingly unfunny.
The least amusing part of it all is being taken for a ride like this. If the ongoing farce proves anything, it’s that only a fan-led movement could actually be trusted to have the interests of the club at heart. Ignore the bluster and positive sounds of businessmen; all they’re trying to do is win us over. There’ve been enough broken promises over the last few years to show that they mean nothing.
Perhaps it’s futile to support the WST. After all, it seems to me that Moss and Roberts would sell to Colonel Gaddafi before they sold to the fans, no matter how much they protest they want a fan-led consortium to take control in order to deflect attention elsewhere.
However, if something’s futile but morally correct, you should still do it. Don’t do what’s expedient; do what’s right. Take the course of action which, even if it’s doomed to failure, at least allows you to look in the mirror in the morning with your dignity intact and know that you did the right thing.
Never mind the divisive games which profiteers have played to dazzle and divide the supporters. They’re only acting in their own interests, looking to manipulate us to protect their profits. There’s only one group we know have only the best interests of Wrexham Football Club at heart. That’s the trust. Trust the trust.

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