What Price Free Speech?

So no banners are allowed in on Tuesday unless they toe the party line?
Which is, of course, sensible advice: it would have been hard to concentrate on the important matters on Tuesday, as the ground was bound to be swathed with anti-Saunders banners. After all, there is a groundswell of fury against the manager, who has disgusted the fans by infuriatingly leading them to the verge of their greatest run of league wins in modern history, and threatening to perpetrate a disasterous return to the Football League.
We must not allow Saunders’ folly to distract us from the club’s current success. Wrexham FC has successfully moved its home sideways and charitably put it up as security for a rugby league club, This has been accomplished skilfully, smoothly and successfully. Saunders’ failure is a nightmarish distraction, an uncalled-for smokescreen, when we ought to be able to celebrate the club’s achievements.
At this massive point in our season, the last thing we want is to be distracted by onpitch matters!
Hope you don’t mind me spouting off on the internet about this, by the way. I know that sort of thing can go down rather badly, although I hope you’ll agree my syntax is rather better than on other sites!

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