>Baynes Remains!

>So it looks like Wes Baynes is staying. I see that as very good news, and not only because my lad has his name on the back of his shirt and wasn’t terribly amused when he was released!

Baynes clearly has ability. His ability to strike the ball cleanly and his delivery from set pieces make him a useful attacking option, and he chipped in with a few handy goals in a side which struggled creatively.

Of course, it would be interesting to know just how the circumstances changed to allow Saunders to bring Baynes back into the fold. On the indispensible Red Passion’s thread on his assumed return it was suggested this might represent a hitch in Saunders’ recrutiment plans, the failure to snag his intended targets freeing up the funds to pay for Baynes. That’s clearly a possibility, but hopefully there’s another explanation.

As I’ve suggested previously Saunders might have saved some money with the departure of Sam Russell; if he replaces him with back-up for Chris Maxwell, then he ought to have a bit of spare chage jangling in his pocket. If that has lead to the return of Baynes, then I’d say it has worked out pretty well.

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