The Uneasy Security of the Pre-contract

>I’m cautiously optimistic, which is as good as I’ve felt all season! Signing Nat Knight-Percival is a very positive early move. An established player in the Conference whose energy delivers around ten goals a season from the flanks is going to be a useful addition, and anyone who was a key part of Histon’s success in recent years is going to be able to handle the physical side of the division. This feels like a smart move, and the type Saunders has been promising to make recently.

So why the caution? Well, quite apart from the fact that “cautious” is the default setting for all Wrexham fans, this is yet another case of the signing of a pre-contract being made public. That’s right, the same ultimately worthless piece of paper signed by Paul Carden. With the Anthony Barry fiasco also fresh in the memory, I’m taking nothing for granted.

So while I applaud the move for the man we’ll hopefully soon be calling NKP as he streaks down the wing, I’m conscious of the fact that, until we actually have his signature on a contract, all we’ve done is advertised his availability to other clubs. By all accounts he’s made a very positive impression at the club with his personality and demeanour, so let’s hope we can finally sign a bloke without all the attendant dramas for once.

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