>The Title Decider!

>I can’t wait for the Grays game. There’s nothing more thrilling than a game late in the season between the two sides that have established a runaway lead at the top of the table and stand locked level with just four games left. Only one of them can win it, and their clash might just decide once and for all who wins the title. The title of dirtiest team of the season.

Grays might already be relegated, we might be determinedly drab, but there’s still one accolade to claim! We went into Monday’s games dead level at the bottom of the fairplay league, with ninety yellow cards and seven reds apiece. Prodigious totals, levels of indiscipline which third-placed Mansfield could only dream of (they also had seven reds, but were a miserable sixteen yellows adrift!)

There was much excitement in commentary on Monday when Luke Holden got himself sent off in comical circumstances. Surely we’d taken a decisive lead? But no: the only booking we picked up was Holden’s first yellow; Grays’ four yellows at Luton and the fact that you get three points for a red mean we’re still level, locked in deadly combat the title. Hopefully not literally!

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