>Holden a Minute!


Why was everyone so surprised by Luke Holden’s red card against Gateshead? Wasn’t it the most predictable thing that’s happpened this season? He’s certainly a singular character.

It certainly wasn’t the first time he made the most of a challenge. There are some people in the press box who call Holden Lazarus for his ability to rise remarkably from the dead soon after he’d hit the deck apparently mortally wounded by a challenge from behind.

Also, my son is a ballboy and he reports with fascination that Holden wanders the pitch swearing to himself and at others throughout the match.

Now I’m not about to turn into a hypocrite over this. He has made a genuine impact in some matches; let’s not forget that fine free kick in our previous home match.

Also, I’ve previously praised the streetwise edge he and Andy Mangan have brought to the side, and I’ve not changed my mind about that. We need toughening up and to get a bit cuter, and both Scousers contribute to that process.

However, Holden could do worse than learn from his team mate. Mangan took a couple of liberties yesterday, but got away with them with a dollop of cheeky charm; he ought to have been booked for kicking the ball away twice, but made a joke of it with a ref who wasn’t looking to whip his card out recklessly, and got away with it.

I guess the question with Holden is whether he can tone down his behaviour without losing something of his feisty style of play. This is the great conundrum asked about Wayne Rooney; can he function so well if he loses the anger. I’m sure Holden can learn from what happened and continue to contribute to the side. I certainly hope so.

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