>…and the result of the test is…..


Well at least I picked the sponsors’ man of the match out with my caption! Okay, so if the Gateshead game representes a crucial test of our credentials, we failed pretty comprehensively.

Yes, the pitch and the wind weren’t helpful, but the fact of the matter was that the quality of the mathc was abysmal. A few people have suggested it was the worst home game of the season; the depressing thing is that, despite the total lack of anything to recommend it, it certainly wasn’t the only contender for that epithet.

Remember the Hayes game? How horrendous was that? The fact is there’ve been worse performances by Wrexham this season, but the Gateshead match was indeed probably the worst game we’ve witnessed. The truth is that the visitors lived up to their billing: they were a part-time team struggling to stay in the Conference whose away form is grim. And we were no better than them. There can be no grimmer indictment of us than that.

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