>Conference Board hold your heads in shame…….


So we now have the situation in late February that to everyone with a nose on their face was inevitable in July/August with Chester City suspended from the league awaiting the final cut.

The Conference members now have to vote to confirm the expulsion of our oldest and nearest rivals. The problem is by now Chester have played 25 odd games won a few, drawn a few and lost many so different clubs have built up different points totals and as such the loss of these points will have bigger effects on some than others.

The fantastic little club Chester City used to be is dead – the majority of their supporters know it and want to be allowed to rebuild their own club without the cancer that is their owner. I am devastated to see our great rivals in such a predicament but feel that despite the self interests which all clubs will feel at this late stage of the season the club must be expelled.
The Conference need to look at themselves very carefully for breaking their own rules at the start the season and allowing Chester to start the campaign. In the meantime the decision is more difficult for clubs to make because an element of self interest takes over and the likes of Cambridge will if they vote for expulsion will lose six points and immediately drop themselves into a relegation dog fight.

Conference board hold your heads in shame for allowing this farce to continue for so long. We await the next episode in this farce.

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