I am so disappointed! I can’t get to the Stevenage game, or the Wimbledon match, and Kettering’s a push as I can’t get that far after work! What a nightmare! Bizarre as it might sound, missing out on a Wrexham match is still a punishment rather than a reward!

It just feels so wrong to be sitting around when I should be on the open road (traffic permitting!) And then what about tonight? Steve, Paul and Geraint are great to listen to, BUT I WANT TO DO IT TOO! IT’S NOT FAIR!!!!!! So I’ll sit there and listen to it, feeling sulky and helpless.

At least when you see us getting pasted you can make sense of it; listening to a game or following it on teletext or text commentary is just cruel. The feeling of powerlessness is akin to being Forest Green’s goalkeeper, I’d imagine.

So when you hear weeping throughout the night emanating from the general direction of Borras, spare a thought for me!

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