>Will Eddy Return?

>I guess it’s the same old same old. I feel that familiar thrill when I see Paul Edwards could come back to us, mixed with the sense of foreboding that my logical side experiences when an old favourite returns.

I really liked Edwards in his two years at Wrexham, and thought he didn’t always get the credit he deserved. I recall his struggles in the intial games of the 2002-3 season as he learned how to be a wing back rather than an out-and-out winger, but he adapted superbly and was able to fulfil his defensive responsibilities without losing the ability to be dangerous at the other end. Quick, able to beat a man and direct, he used to chip in with a few nice goals too.

On the other hand, if he’s looking for a move into The Conference,you’ve got to assume he can’t do those things any more.

They say never go back for a reason. Yet I’ll be getting over-excited if Edwards puts pen to paper. Being illogical comes with the territory when you’re a football fan. Especially a Wrexham fan.

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