>Tugay or Not Tugay?


So now we’re signing a player who last season was looking good in The Premiership, eh? Forgive me if I contain my excitement.

Don’t get me wrong: I’d love it to be true. It’s just that I don’t see a single shred of evidence that it is.

There are two basic truths about these types of stories:

1. Usually they’re not true.

2. When they are true, nothing comes of them.

I’ll stand by point number one through thick and thin. Show me one piece of information to confirm the story beyond an assumption based on Tugay reportedly being at Collier’s park last week and has worked with Dean Saunders.

As for point number two, you might argue that the signing of Andy Crofts was, on paper, a “too good to be true” transfer story as he was clearly out of our league in terms of his pedigree (if not in actuality!) However, I’ll see your Crofts and raise you a Savage and a Musampa.

The main source seems to be a thread on Red Passion. Now we all know that such threads can be hijacked by wind up merchants, but there’s a lot of sense spoken on this one-certainly more than in The Mirror’s flimsy excuse for a story. It raises a question which is worth considering, and the answer to which will solve the conundrum: why aren’t The Leader and The Daily Post asking about this? My gut feeling is it’s because they know it’s not a story.

Hope I’m wrong though!

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