>Saunders Gets Sak


It was an obvious headline to avoid, but there are other reasons why I’m glad we haven’t diving into signing young Erwin.
I’ll happily subscribe to the notion that we should bring in another goalie: if, heaven forbid, something should happen to Chris Maxwell, we’d be in a hell of a hole. However, the permanent signature of another young keeper wouldn’t be the correct response.
Sam Russell’s injury notwithstanding, the goalkeeping position looks pretty healthy to me. Russell has made a positive initial impression, and Maxwell’s development is certainly coming along nicely: his ability to put Ashley Westwood in his place at Forest Green certainly suggests he doesn’t lack confidence!
The sort of player we need to draft in, if we take pre-emptive action to cover Maxwell, is an experienced goalie who would around to support Maxwell as well as stand in if necessary. Goalkeeping is a solitary, unique job: outfield players don’t understand it properly,a nd most managers and coaches are ex-outfielders, so you need a bit of support, especially if you’re a young keeper like Maxwell. Bringing in an Andy Dibble figure could be a stroke of genius, although there is another course that could be taken equally successfully.
Saunders might well have a player lined up and ready to sign if required, but doesn’t want to waste a loan player on someone who might end up never taking the pitch. This is a sensible approach as long as maxwell doesn’t injure himself just before a game, leaving no time for all the paperwork to be completed! Ironically, the likes of Anthony Williams or Gavin Ward would be absolutely ideal for that sort of approach, although if a forty-year-old keeper who is willing to warm the bench he’s after, I’m available!

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