>On the train to Crawley

>Nearly in London, at the start of the first away jaunt of the campaign. If the opening day of a season is characterised by wild optimism, going to Crawley for a first away match is a bit like being hit by a bucket of cold water, I guess.

I’m not knocking the place itself, but coming up against Steve Evans so soon in the piece, and with Jeff Louis in tow to boot, just feels like a defeat waiting to happen. And an annoying one to boot!

Still, you never know. On paper Dean Saunders has assembled a squad which ought to be able to challenge for promotion. I suspect this afternoon we’ll get a much clearer idea of how likely it is that we’ll convert that potential into something more concrete.

I think Evans has been up to his usual tricks already. He flattered us by saying we’ll win the league this time, as he did before we played them last season-I guess it serves as mind games in the poor man’s Alex Ferguson’s mind to make us complacent and gee his side up? Also, he says a couple of his key players are almost certainly out injured. I await his teamsheet with interest!

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