>Three Weeks left………


and this week has seen a number of friendlies played by the Dragons in the build up to Eastbourne Borough. A relatively strong line up played against both Coventry and Colwyn Bay whilst a side made of youngsters and trialists drew with Prestatyn Town. There was then a friendly against TNS at Colliers where a young Dragons side lost 3-1.

It has certainly been an interesting induction into the commentary box as with Mark missing from both the away games I have been trying to work out who is who and where they are playing. With Poles, French, Faroese and Argentinians playing alongside youth team players and first year professionals at times it has been a major challenge, especially without a proper team sheet to assist! I still don’t know who Alex Wright was at Prestatyn, even the font of all things Wrexham, Geraint Parry, was none the wiser.

Hedi Taboubi impressed me against Coventry and Prestatyn and it was great to hear that he had also impressed Dean Saunders and has now signed a contract for a season at The Racecourse. He certainly brings something to the party that our other midfield players don’t have. It was also good to see Mark Jones scoring a fantastic goal at Colwyn Bay, if only he can regain his form of a couple of years ago.

With the season getting ever closer two articles I have read recently point to how quickly things can change in football. Firstly both Swansea and Doncaster have climbed 61 places in the league over the last two seasons and secondly the Exeter City programme editor commented how two seasons ago he was preparing for the visits of Forest Green , Altrincham and Northwich Victoria and now he is looking forward to Norwich City, Leeds United and Southampton.
If they can do it so can we but I still think we need two strikers!


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