>TV Dream Dies


So Setanta has finally gone under. It was a long and painful death, and I’m afraid this will probably represent the moment where a cold dose of reality hits home.

There were suggestions in last Sunday’s Non League Paper that The Confence would be able to find a new broadcaster willing to show the games. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m stunned by the notion: who on earth would do that? It was a notion which about summed up the head in the sand attitude of so many in football.

The fact of the matter is that money’s gone, the high profile coverage is gone. Now we’ll just have to crack on and make do. Perhaps the message to absorb is that we shouldn’t expect the status quo to be permanent, especially these days.

When you see clubs like Real Madrid, Manchester United and Liverpool spend recklessly you wonder where it will end. They’re insulated from the real world, but they have the security of knowing there are plenty of influential people out there who won’t let clubs of such magnitude go to the wall.

The same isn’t true of clubs at our level though, and we don’t have to squander the same levels of money to get into trouble. Nothing’s permanent, nothing can be assumed and those who assimilate this message most clearly will be the ones who thrive.

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