>Would You Splash Out On Gash?

>Has there ever been a more public non-transfer than that of Ebbsfleet’s Michael Gash?

The guy’s going nowhere, or so it would appear, but the gory details of his courtship have given me pause for thought about the current state of the transfer market.

I’m a bit naive, perhaps, but to me the amounts being bandied around don’t sound as high as I’d have thought. This is, after, one of the more highly-rated target men in the Conference, a man Dean Saunders singled out as having caught his eye against us.

I’m not suggesting that we’ll swoop for him-I suspect the move for Gareth Taylor put the kibosh on that-but reading about the offers makes you realise how realistic having a go at signing a Conference leading light is.

After all, didn’t we spend a fair bit of cash last Summer on transfer fees by our standards, generally on players we’re now looking to offload, or who we’ve already paid off. A bit of careful financial husbandry and we could really wield some financial weight in this division. We’d have the cash to bid for proven performers in a division increasingly filled with clubs crippled by fiscal problems. Pity that fiscal control isn’t something we specialise in.

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