>It’s Not A Dead Match After All!


Hold on a second…we thought Weymouth were coming to The Racecourse with nothing to play for, but it turns out they might stay up after all! According to their new chairman Ian Ridley, there’s talk that a team which has survived the battle against the drop might want to take a voluntary demotion, meaning the side in fourth bottom will stay up, so a win today and a defeat for Woking would save them.

There’s a well-established precedent for this, of course, as Altrincham survived the last three seasons by virtue of the collapse of others sides, and teams do take voluntary demotions in non-league when they outstretch themselves, although it’s a surprise to see it happen in the Premier-and an indication of the extent of our fall from grace that we might be in the same league as a team in those circumstances.

I assume-and it is just an assumption as this isn’t a rumour I’d come across before-is that there’s an 80% shot that it’s Grays Athletic, whose chairman/owner/occasional manager/benefactor/dictator Mick Woodward is prone to sudden dramatic decisions. Otherwise, I guess Salisbury might think that way, unless I suspect not as they seem committed to keep going by running themselves within their means and seeing where it takes them.

If it is one of those, I have to point out that it means we’ve dropped points to a side which doesn’t want to play at our level, which is a depressing thought. Mind you, we probably have if it isn’t one of those too!

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