>The Enigma of Silvio Spann


So what do you make of Silvio Spann? I’m only asking because I’ve still got no idea what to think of him!

He’s enjoying a rare run in the side, and I’m glad to see it. After all, we’re not going to be able to judge his value unless we have a good look at him. The trouble is, having seen him playing week-in week-out I’m still none the wiser!

There are moments when you feel he has a bit more quality than the players around him, but does he really get close to delivering on his promise and potential often enough?
Take the Altrincham game. There are those who were furious he was withdrawn so early, with less than ten minutes of the second half gone, and I can understand that as there were little flashes of promise from him.
However, I can’t say I was terribly surprised he got the hook as he was awfully peripheral. He had the odd moment, but it wasn’t sustained by any stretch of the imagination, and to miss that glorious chance Anoruo provided for him by dallying and not getting a shot in when he was heart-broken two days earlier over two similar but tougher chances he squandered at Oxford because he hesitated was very disappointing.
I don’t know if I want Dean Saunders to keep faith in him or not, and equally I’ve no idea if Deano’s giving him a run to help him bed into a new position or if he’s taking a good hard look before deciding whether or not to pay him off.
The thing is, I suspect I still won’t have made my mind up about the enigmatic Silvio when he finally leaves us, whenever that might be.

2 thoughts on “>The Enigma of Silvio Spann

  1. >I have to say I am a fan of Silvio. He has more ability than anyone in the squad and can do stuff that no one else can. I think wide midfield is his best position and with a decent run in the side he will have more assists than anyone.I do worry that he, and Louis, do not fit the image of what Saunders is looking for in a player and that they both may be offloaded in the summer. I hope not.

  2. >I think you’re right about Saunders’ ideas of what he wants. Mind you, he hasn’t been very consistent in applying those principles: Curtis, Suffo, Gyan and others are hardly equipped to play as energetically as he seems to want!Silvio really does confuse me. Occasionally he oozes ability, and I’ve been pleased to see him get a run in the side. Saunders seems to be very quick to bring him off thought, implying to me he’s not convinced. Mind you, Spann wasted so many good crossing positions yesterday that I could see why he was taken off after 45.

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