>A Massive Double Header

>Believe it or not I heard Adrian Durham on Talksport last month build a game up as being the biggest in the history of The Premiership. So what was it? Man Utd v Liverpool? Chelsea v Arsenal? No, hold onto your hats, it was……….Spurs v Stoke!

I’m not kidding, and it didn’t sound like he was! It was a nice illustration of how too much of a fuss is made over the importance of individual matches, encouraged by the hype the media applies to the game these days.
Having said that, the next couple of days could make or break our season. The double header against Crawley and Kidderminster sees us pit our wits against two sides in a similar position to us. To me, that’s the beauty of our remaining fixtures; there are plenty of tough games against sides around us, and that offers us an ideal opportunity to claw ourselves up into the play-offs. If the fixtures are too tough and we fail, then we fail. Clearly we weren’t good enough in the first place. But we shouldn’t fear the big games coming up; they’re an opportunity to show we’ve got enough quality to impose ourselves on this division.

If we win both matches, then on Monday night we’ll be in the top five, irrespective of how the other games go. So let’s push on and encourage the lads-this is the biggest decisive moment of the season. And I haven’t got my Talksport hat on!

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