>Painful memories!

>What a way to start the day! I switch on the TV and Sky are repeating last year’s Masters tournaments. Okay, no problem; my lad and I enjoy watching the old codgers (some of whom are older than me! sweating it out.

But then Spurs come on and who’s in goal for them? KEVIN DEARDEN!!


That guy scarred me! I was a dodgy, short fat keeper, and it was always a shock to watch him and see a professional goalie pull the sneaky, unnoticed tricks I’d pull to try and avoid having to come for crosses, deliberately getting myself into a poor position so I couldn’t attack it.

He made Brian Carey look like he was finished, because he made mistakes defending balls that the keeper should have come for, and once Dearden left and we had a proper goalie in Andy Dibble Carey got a new lease of life!

He hasn’t let one in yet, not that he’s had much to do! But he’s already done enough damage this morning!

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