>Poor Old Kempson!

>Poor old Darran Kempson doesn’t sound like he’s having the happiest of times at Forest Green. They lost 3-1 at home to Altrincham on Saturday; he deflected in the first, was guilty of a howler to give away the second and was given a rating of four out of ten by the Non League Paper.


It must be something of a nightmare for him. He drops out of the Football League and must assume he’s going to be a big name in the Conference, he’s immediately picked for the first England C squad and has a strong start for us. Yet a couple of months later he’s suffered a massive downturn in form, had fans on his back (although his reaction might not have been the wisest) and clearly surplus to requirements, farmed out to a side plummeting down the table towards the Conference South.

You’d have to be particularly hard-hearted not to feel sympathy for the guy, and once again you just have to look closely at Brian Little’s decision-making. We had a huge hole in midfield in the Summer, having released Neil Roberts, Danny Williams and Mark Jones, then lost out on Paul Carden. However, Little decides to bring in a seventh centre back rather than plug that gap, saying when a player of Kempson’s calibre becomes available you just have to have him. Little’s impulse buying has done no favours to Wrexham or Kempson, and Little’s comment has a particularly ironic feel right now.

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