>I’m not one to rush to judgement but, sitting in a train travelling across Rainham Marshes after watching THAT, I feel I’ve hit a turning point. I’ve said it seemed to me that last Saturday was the breaking point for a lot of fans; for me it was today. It was awful, disjointed, pointless, clueless. And they’re the good points!

Talking to DaveRoberts before the game we pulled apart the current tactics and said why it wouldn’t work-and that was exactly what happened! I even said Grays would be 2-0 up at half time and we’d fight back and lose 2-1! Sadly, I can take no pride in making that prediction!

I’m not one to complain that we should be beating teams like Grays. The fact was that they were orgamised, hard-working and had a gameplan, so they were ahead of us in at least three key aspects. We can’t afford to assume we should beat certain teams in this league because we’re in it for a reason; we’re no better than them. However, I will say that the way we set ourselves out to play, the way we defended, the way we hoofed long balls onto Shaun Whalley’s head and left he and Jeff Louis isolated, made me feel more depressed, more angry than I have at any point in the last three, grim seasons.

A final question, one I’ve asked before, but which I feel is still relevant. I know we had to have a clearout in the Summer, but are Neil Roberts, Danny Williams and Phil Bolland actually worse then that? I think you all know the answer.

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