>So it’s true!

>Looks like Carden’s on his way to Cambridge. With McEvilly already there, it looks like we’ve got our first Conference rivalry!!

It’ll be interesting to see if the club sits tight over this-we might find out what a pre-contract’s actually worth!

There are cases of clubs successfully suing for compensation over a player reneging on a pre-contract, but I’m struugling to find circumstances which are exactly the same. The Fran Merida case suggests that a pre-contract is worth something, but the £2million compensation seems to be down to the fact that Barcelona paid for his development as a youth player and the fact that he has potential to improve, neither of which scenarios apply to Carden obviously!

It looks like Morton midfielder Chris Millar signed a pre-contract to go to St Johnstone, but changed his mind and stayed put last month, and there don’t seem to have been any repercussions. Also, AZ Alkmaar’s attempt to hijack Afonso Alves’ move to Middlesbrough fell through; apparently in that case the pre-contract was ruled invalid as Alves’ advisors weren’t present when it was signed.

Not sure where all that leaves us, but I can’t believe we’ll be seeing Carden in a Wrexham shirt unless Cambridge, who are cutting costs dramatically, baulk at a possible compensation payment. If that happens, though, would we want a disaffected player in our ranks?


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