>All Eyes On Stanley!

>This slow death is deeply confusing. Realistically speaking we’ve been down for a few weeks now; it might turn out that everyone else exceeded our final points total last month. On the other hand, it’s very easy to construct and argument for our survival! With Notts County coming up next weekend it has already been pointed out that should they lost at Accrington today and we win tomorrow, we could close to within one point of them with a game in hand.
The sides above us are poor; despite some good results by the sides we’ve been chasing, the table has finally filtered the rubbish to the bottom and the likes of County and Dagenham might hardly pick up another point all season. The problem is that there’s one team which has sunk lower even than them. Basically, a team capable of getting decent results from our reasonably easy run-in would still get out of this mess. But does anyone really think we are that team?
My point’s supported by a post I made last month. I decided to play the mug’s game of predicting results, and looking back I was pretty good at it! I didn’t see Macclesfield saving themselves, but I actually got all Notts County, Mansfield and Dagenham’s results right, apart from Mansfield beating us!
The conclusion I drew was that survival was very much within our grasp-indeed, if we won the six-pointers against Mansfield, County and Macc it’d be virtually assured. Franly, I was right; problem is Wrexham didn’t live up to their partof the bargain!

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