>The Savage Truth!


I’m no fan of Robbie Savage-quite apart from his behaviour on the pitch, I feel he let Wales down badly. However, I don’t think we should rush to harsh judgement over his latest pronouncement.

Looking for consistency from Savage, like Derby’s season, is basically pointless. However, this story has a bit more gravity to it.

It’s interesting how many away press boxes I go into where I’m greeted by a reporter from the other side who says he’s Savage’s main man and gets lots of great stories from him. That’ll be because when you go to him for a quote he’ll say the first thing that comes into his head, so the idea that he will come to play for Wrexham at the end of his career is a tale to be taken with a huge pinch of salt. I’ve met guys from Torquay to Preston who have a handy by-line in calling him and slapping down whatever comes out of his mouth. Frankly, they’re exploiting his willingness to be open.

This story’s different though. Chris Wathan is a sound bloke who’s one of the few trying to actually get a bit of coverage for us on a wider scale. Unlike the reporters I mentioned earlier, he’s a Welsh reporter, so his relationship with Savage is more natural and, dare I say it, not parasitic like certain others I could mention!

So this story is the logical bottom line on the whole saga. Savage probably won’t be coming to play for us, he never was in my opinion, and frankly as he was never going to come back when there was a chance his legs could carry him at a decent level, I’m quite happy with that.

When he signs along with Kevin Ellison on Friday I might delete this though!

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