>You Can’t Help Gloating!


It was a perfect case of schadenfreude on Sunday.

Chester could have scored a few but were repelled by a goalkeeper they released at the start of the year. Ward showed City what they threw away with his virtuoso display, which included one save right out of the top drawer.

Oh, did I forget to mention that the save in question was made from a player who turned down the chance to sign for us six weeks ago?

And to my eyes the other outstanding performances came from Phill Bolland, also released at Christmas by Chester, and Drewe broghton, one of five ex-Cestrians who were on the pitch for us at The Deva!

Factor in scoring our opening goal within a minute of a City goal being disallowed when some refs would have deemed it legal, plus the fact that Chester must have seen a chance to play their greatest rivals at home when they’re bottom of the pile as a real chance to break their dismal run of form, and Sunday couldn’t have been much sweeter!

There’s still a sense of confusion in realising I’ve never felt so happy at being three points behind Macclesfield though!

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