>Trial and Error

>So what of the triallists? I don’t like to judge players after forty-five minutes of a meaningless game, but they didn’t look too bad.

It’s interesting hearing everyone else’s opinions as no one seems to agree about them. For what it’s worth, Mohammed was the pick for me. He was quick and took his goal beautifully-anyone who can dump Brad Friedel on his backside and walk round him must have something going for him! Mind you, he faded badly; hardly what you want to see when he only came on at half time!

The press were very keen on Simms, but I reserve judgement. He reminded me of Steve Bull in the way he approached the game: a big, awkward trier and very direct of not particularly strong technically. He did well to set up Mohammed’s goal though; the way he surged through the middle owed a little to luck, but the way he slid Mohammed in when the experienced Henchoz seemed to be guiding him harmlessly into the channel suggested he has something about him.

As for Kanaclic, I didn’t think he looked bad, although he cetainly didn’t seem to grab many people’s attention. He’s only eighteen and looks quick and technical. Whether he’d hurt teams is a different matter, of course, but if we can get him on an eighteen-year-old’s wages he might be worth consideration.

A word of warning though: this time last year we were slavering for Denis Smith to find the funds to bring in a layer who had impressed in the pre-season games. We signed him, but has Josh Johnson been value for money yet?

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